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Since the year 2000, when we debuted the Stickley Collector Edition series, a new unique piece has been introduced annually and offered for only a year. Our Collector Edition Series allows the Stickley enthusiast and first-time buyer the opportunity to own a unique and practical piece of Stickley furniture.

These collectible pieces are often inspired by original designs from the L. & J.G. Stickley Company archives and are created using traditional arts & crafts techniques. Handmade in Manlius, New York, from solid American white oak or black cherry, this level of craftsmanship allows them to bear the iconic Stickley Shop Mark, of a Joiner’s compass with the Flemish craftsman’s motto Als Ik Kan to the best of my ability.

Each year the next Collector Edition is revealed in October at the High Point, North Carolina, Furniture Market. Initial orders placed after this reveal and before the end of November become the first “cutting” the initial production run of product. On these pieces, the shop mark is on a special metal plaque which also includes the production number.

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2019 CE coming soon
2019 CE coming soon